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Smexx Basok is one of jtowns well known artiste, he was known for one singles which he featured Bizakeem Titled Tsunami, While

El-Suprim Chuxx is a Jtown Multi personal, and he is well know for his comedy skits.

Now I go keep seriouse English for sideπŸ˜’Make we reason as Jtown Gee's

El-suprim Chuxx took to his social media handle, calling out Smexx Basok, Claiming he slept with his Girlfriend, 

Guess What? He called Smexx out immediately after it was said to be that, El-suprim Chuxx Blinded Smexx Basok with a Punch after Clashing at an Unknown location, Me no be unknown location I see o...

Na Mees Palace be datπŸ˜’πŸ€£ and no be say Smexx deh blind ooo, asin Dem Punch am for eye sheh you get?πŸ˜…

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While Fine Boy Smexx Basok, is claiming he did not sleep with any girl, and claims that he doesn't even know which girl El-suprim Chuxx is talking about πŸ˜…

Actually after some research, Smexx Basok is also known to be a Womanizer,πŸ˜… Jos no go kill me 

But the thing here is that, likes of Jos well known Hostess, MC UNIK thinks this just a Publicity Stunts, trying to anticipate Smexx Basok Upcoming E.P #Smexxified...

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While others believe this to be true...

Well guess What? Me self no sure,

But the Fact That HypeMan Cliff Billz one of Jtowns best Promoters, a very good friend of El-suprim Chuxx, Posted nothing about this, 

Still Keeps me thinking πŸ€”..


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