J.Town Gossip: Do You Know Almost All Jos Female Artist Sound Like Spunky? || See why


            This may sound hilarious but it's a fact. 

In the history of J.town music industry, Spunky tends to be one of the best female J.town artist of all times. 

Spunky is best known of her songs such as "Loud, Me and so on" Which had made great remarkable wave in and outside of Jos! 

Her unique sound and style make her preferable to other female artistes in Jos

When we say "Sounds like Spunky" We don't mean her style of music. We meant Vocally. 

Oh yes it's common around us (normal) for two artistes to sound alike Vocally but when more than 7 artistes sound like a particular artiste (vocally), C'mon we can't call that normal. 

As a matter of fact most of the popular (well known) female artiste in Jos are kind of new to the industry. 

Compared to Spunky who has been there for quite some time now. 

So to say, I think some of the female artiste who "Sounds like Spunky" had been of looking up to her or let's they were mentored by her. Without their knowledge they unfortunately adapted to her sound (vocally) 

     Click here... To See list of artistes Who sounds like Spunky

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