J.Town Gossip: Is Jos Entertainment Industry Sinking Or On Sail?? || See Response!!

RESPONSE FROM: Yusuf Abednego (influencer)
Point Of View(P.O.V): Its SINKING
See Response Below:
Well firstly if we talking about Jos Entertainment Industry, We talking about a wide range of individuals be it Adults or Teenagers showcasing(Displaying) their God giving Talents. Actually i wont really say most are carried out by talents rather some are carried out by work (Some work for it).

     Plateau State in a whole, its known for its beautiful, respectful and hardworking individuals. Plateau State Youths are strong, beautiful, talented, happy and a never give up set of individuals. (We Bless God For That).

Bringing us back to Jos Entertainment Industry (J.E.I), Actually i wont say i know a lot about Jos Entertainment Industry (J.E.I).
  But on the other hand i think most Jos individuals neglect one of the most important word of advice which states that ``We rise by helping others`` and now see`s it as ``We rise by tarnishing others``

The think here is that artistes, hype men, O.A.P`s, Producers, Dancers, Disk jockeys, video jockeys and so on Can have a miss understanding that can lead to a little fight in the Entertainment Industry. Its no big deal at all! oh yea its not.
 But having such miss understanding that leads to tarnishing someones image ain`t a good miss understanding at all! in fact its no more called a miss understanding its called a FIGHT #a big one!!!

 Permit me to say but i think JEALOUSY is the Key weakness to almost all Jos Entertainers in the Industry.
    To be jealous of some one is a good thing tho! in the sense that you look up to that person, appreciate Him/Her for what He/She is doing and pick that as a challenge to yourself.
     But its not when you look at that person with so much bad motive, that you even go about sketching out a war plan just to bring that person down?? What the FUCK, who are you??? (Pardon my English)

 But in the other hand, its also a good thing for the victim so He/she should know being a celebrity ain`t just about partying and so on, its also about facing and overcoming some challenges cause there are more to come!!

So if Jos Entertainers dont ignore the big part of jealousy and let it slide! then i`ll say Jos Entertainment Industry (J.E.I) is not sinking cause its not even on the sea talk more of sailing!     This all i have to say about (J.E.I) SINKING (THANK YOU)

``Well we`ve seen what Yusuf  Abednego (influencer) has to say about Jos Entertainment Industry (J.E.I)

So now the question goes to you ``Is Jos Entertainment Industry`` (J.E.I) Sinking Or On Sail??

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